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The company has recognized the need to have this plan on a server remote from the company premises so that company personnel from home and other locations can access it in case of emergency. Some of the information is confidential and is not available to the public. Employees have been given access to the confidential pages that will require the employee to log in with a password. The company will also keep paper copies of the disaster recover plan on site and at local locations off site.

The company reviews its disaster recovery plan semi-annually along with reviewing our company’s insurance coverage and other risk management initiatives. The company has all risk functional replacement cost insurance on all the company’s fixed assets. The company also maintains business interruption and extra expense coverage to cover any losses that are incurred while replacing or repairing plant and equipment. This means that the company would have the financial resources to purchase press time and machine time from outside sources until repairs are made and/or equipment replacements found. We have agreements with other printing and graphics arts companies to do work for us in case of disasters. The company has recognized the need to make sure that all customer print orders will be delivered on a timely basis even if a catastrophic situation arises.

The only expected delay would happen the day of and the day following a natural or physical disaster. This time would be used to analyze damages with our insurance carrier and re-organize our staff and personnel (see recovery plan checklist). The company’s business interruption insurance would pay for extra expenses incurred by the company to get customers products delivered or mailed. The insurance coverage would also pay for renting warehouse space to store product and production space to operate equipment while repairs were made to our building.

The company maintains redundancy in its electronic data storage. It also has insurance coverage to cover the cost of reproducing any lost data due to a natural of physical disaster. The company stores archived digital records offsite to minimize any loss in case of emergency or disaster.

Also, the insurance coverage compensates selected staff that assists during the recovery period. This coverage was purchased so employees can continue to assist with the process of seeing that customer orders are completed on schedule. The John Roberts Company has an excellent labor relationship with its employees. No union or any other collective bargaining unit represents its employees. The company offers excellent wages and benefits to its employees.

The company currently operates from one facility located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The building is 215,000 square feet in size and is sitting on a 22-acre parcel of land. To prevent a total loss from fire, the company maintains six major fire divisions within our fire retardant building. The company conducts tests on the fire divisions twice a year to be sure they are working properly. The building is also equipped with a comprehensive sprinkler system to control any fire that might ignite and need to be extinguished. Should an emergency arise, the Coon Rapids fire department has keys to the building and one of their three stations is located one mile from the premises.

The building is constructed using a combination of concrete block and concrete pre-cast panels. The building has been constructed to also withstand a significant windstorm. A 24-hour security system monitors the building for fire and intrusion. This system includes a central alarm service and a video camera system. All non-essential doors are locked 24 hours a day and electronic keypads are used to unlock these doors for pre-authorized personnel.

In case of emergencies, company personnel will contact emergency managers whose names and contact information are posted throughout the building. The postings also have other emergency contact information including fire and police departments. The company’s emergency managers will notify key personnel to initiate notifications of employees, suppliers and customers as needed.